Job Description
My main job is to look around, inspect and maintain the equipment in the engine room, but since I am still inexperienced, I often have a hard time getting to the point of maintenance work, etc. So I work with the chief engineer and other officers and veteran sailors who teach me what I don't understand. As the second engineer, I am also learning about the operation of the equipment and paperwork that the third engineer is responsible for, as well as their responsibilities.

At sea

During the voyage, I am on duty. Basically, I go on duty with the third engineer and learn about the duties of the third engineer. There are many things that I don't understand, but I spend my days studying to be promoted from second engineer to third engineer by researching and learning as I go.

・ While in port

When the ship is in port, we have to stay at anchor and work during the day, and there is a lot of maintenance and work that can only be done when the ship is stationary, so there are times when the work is a little harder than during the voyage. I also enjoy fishing when I can. Since I joined the company after the outbreak of infectious diseases, I have not yet been to the outside world, but I am looking forward to going sightseeing and eating when the infectious diseases subside.

・ Loading and unloading

To be honest, cargo handling is quite hard, but I think the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish loading is something you can't experience on any other type of ship. I feel proud to be a part of supporting Japan's tuna eating culture.

・ On vacation

It's hard to say, since I haven't spent any vacation time yet, but I would like to take advantage of the long vacations that are unique to seafarers to get a motorcycle license and go on a motorcycle trip.

Impressions of being on board as a second officer
I think the second in command is a period of study to become a third engineer, so it is not a matter of being there or not being there, but just studying to become an officer who needs to be there.