The role of the captain of a ship can be described in a few words: "to assume full responsibility as the chief officer of the ship.
It is the captain's responsibility to protect the lives of all crew members, the safety of cargo, and the property of the ship's so-called company.


This is an important time for the deck and engine sections to get together and chat over snacks. This is an important time for the deck and engine departments to exchange information, as they don't usually have many opportunities to get together and talk during the voyage.


the sense of accomplishment you feel when you finish loading tuna is something you cannot experience on any other type of ship. I am proud to be a part of supporting Japan's tuna eating culture.


During the voyage, it is easy to think that there is little to look forward to in the routine of work and breaks, but during breaks I try to refresh myself by drinking my favorite drink and watching cartoons.


I always tell all the crew members that they must create a good teamwork in order to enjoy their work. I also ask the crew to give their best to the company, to take good care of the ship, and to ensure a long life of good work and a good life for their loved ones.


It is a well-known fact that C/E responsibility is crucial in the tuna processing process. During quick freezing, we need to constantly check the freezer system and the temperature control of the quick freezing room, and we are supported by our engineers to ensure the best quality and quantity of processing.


The Navigating Officer (NCO) supports all publications, charts, and other navigational equipment on board, with an emphasis on developing a ship's route plan that describes how to safely and progressively navigate from berth to berth or from one port to another.


The main job of the first engineer is the second engineer. On board the ship, he is mainly responsible for the work of managing the maintenance of machinery to ensure that it does not interfere with the ship's operation.

General Manager Mori, Sales Dept.

The purpose of this business is to transport frozen tuna and flash freeze fresh bluefin tuna and southern bluefin tuna. We are also engaged in related businesses associated with these businesses.

Ship Management Department Sakuma, in charge of seafarers

Although it is not widely known because we do not have many opportunities to see it directly in our daily lives, marine transport is responsible for more than 90% of Japan's imports and exports, and a wide variety of cargo is transported by ship every day.

Ship Management Department Araki Engineering Manager

In order to achieve the performance of minus 50-60 degrees Celsius, our ultra-low temperature refrigerator carrier is equipped with more than a dozen refrigeration compressors and, unusually for a ship of this size, three generators.

Ship Management Department Abe Crewing Manager

In this article, I would like to talk about the conditions of a good workplace. What are some of the requirements of a good workplace? High remuneration, good vacation time, good working atmosphere, etc.

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    The Person in Charge at 12 ~ 04 O'clock ( AM & PM ) For Engine Watch during Navigation, at Anchorage and in Port.His Responsibility and Charge  of Fuel Oip Management under Direction of Chief Engineer., Maintenance Emergency and Ship's Generator, Tanks, Pipes and Valves.
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    The Person in Charge at 4 ~ 8 O'clock ( AM & PM ) For EngineWatch During Navigation, at Anchorage and in Port.His Responsibility in Operation and Maintenance of Main Engine and Others Machinery.Report and Control The Consumption of Engine Stores.Control waste oil and oily water.
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    The Person in Charge at 4 ~ 8 O'clock ( AM & PM ) For Navigation, at Anchorage and in Port.Responsible For Deck Maintenance and Cargo Operation ( Load & unload ). Also as Medical Officer onboard